Research Activities

The AHRI is committed to research in the following areas: (a) Geo-epidemiologic mapping of childhood cancer, (b) Geo-epidemiologic mapping of pediatric blunt trauma, (c) Racial/ethnic mapping of hypertension, (d) Racial/ethnic mapping of diabetes mellitus, (e) Geo-epidemiologic mapping of prostate cancer using SEER-Medicare linked data( (f) Pediatric Brain/CNS tumor mapping using SEER data, (g) Racial mapping of colorectal cancer screening using National Interview Survey Data, (h) Spatial analysis of pediatric thyroid cancer using SEER data, (i) Health Disparities mapping in major adult malignancies, (j) Geo-epidemiologic mapping of pediatric disabilities, (k) Time-spatial and spatial mapping of pediatric injuries, (k) Place and disease epidemiologic modeling, (l) Geo-epidemiologic mapping of cancer in Texas using State Cancer Registry, (m) Signal amplification and risk stratification by geography and race/ethnicity, (n) Causal Inference in disease, disabilities and injuries mapping, and (o) Health policy development and implementation by region.