Graduate Public Health Certificate Program

The AHRI is committed to improving knowledge of public health principles and practice. Such knowledge is gained through the application of the public health core competency in designing a certification program. This program is available online and requires a completion of 18 credit hours prior to certification. As the program gains popularity in its intended purpose, graduates of this program should be able to transfer the gained credits to MPH programs in accredited Schools and colleges of public health across the nation. The AHRI will be working with the Association of School s of Public Health (ASPH – to ensure the accreditation of its graduate public health certificate program.

The AHRI public health certificate program is opened to public health professionals who require the knowledge of public health principles and methods but do not have the time needed to attain on campus public health programs. Equally, physicians, surgeons and biomedical researchers will benefit immensely from this program. To be eligible for this program, the AHRI requires: (a) college transcripts, (b) two recommendation letters, (c) goal statement (one page), and (d) a response to the question: What is the role of epidemiology in public health or Discuss the substance and core functions of public health.

The certificate program offers the following courses, with the topics based on the approved ASPH MPH core competencies:

  1. Introduction to Epidemiology (4 credits) – Discusses the disease, injuries and health related events distribution and determinants at the population level
  2. Biostatistics (4 credits) – Presents the measures of central tendencies, basic notion of probability, and statistical methods as public health tool.
  3. Environmental Sciences (3 credits) – Discusses the role of environment in disease causation at the population level
  4. Behavioral Sciences (3 credits) – Presents the psychosocial determinants of disease/injuries and the health theories
  5. Management & Policy Science (3 credits) – Presents the organization of public health services and the evaluation of public health programs
  6. Introduction to public health (1 credit) – Presents the overview of public health, substance, essential services and core functions.

For more information regarding this program, please contact AHRI Education Coordinator.