The American Health Research Institute (AHRI), a public health research entity exists to narrow health disparities in the United States. The institute’s focus is on geo-epidemiologic and racial/ethnic mapping of disease, disabilities, injuries and health-related events, and the utilization of valid and reliable data from such mappings for geographic and racial-specific intervention development and implementation. These mappings are fundamental to the elimination of racial/ethnic variability in mortality outcomes in the pluralistic and multiracial US population. The basis of health disparities elimination revolves around a valid model for health disparities pathogenesis, implying the factors that influence or affect these health disparities—-sex, socioeconomic factors, access and utilization of care, clinico-pathologic covariates, demographics, environment, genetics, and genetic-environment interaction, etc. With the overall purpose of eliminating health disparities, AHRI utilizes signal amplification and risk modeling with respect to spatial, time-spatial, and race/ethnic stratification in its mappings .